‘Ink Experts DTF’ Direct To Film Conversion Kit for Epson Ecotank L1800 Printer

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Our ‘Ink Experts DTF’ conversion kit includes everything you need for converting a standard Epson Ecotank L1800 (A3) printer to a direct to film printer.

The kit includes-

  • 6 x 100ml ‘Ink Experts DTF’ inks (CMYK + 2xW)
  • 50 Sheets ‘Ink Experts DTF’ A3 PET film media
  • 500g ‘Ink Experts DTF’ PET film powder
  • ‘Ink Experts DTF’ Output film tray

Ink Experts DTF ink and powder are EN71-3 certified; safe for use on children’s clothing and toys.


This kit includes the additional items required for DTF printing. Physical modification of the printer is required; removal of the pin wheel / output paper rollers from the machine to avoid marking of the PET film whilst printing. Ink Experts do not officially provide information or a guide to remove the pin wheel roller assembly and this is undertaken at the users / buyers own risk.

RIP software such as Acrorip is also required to allow ink channel selection and white ink printing.

It is highly recommended that a brand new printer (no ink has been previously installed) is used for conversion as the white ink channels can be easily contaminated by the previous coloured inks.

Direct to Film (DTF) printing requires a specific / dedicated printer, DTF inks, DTF powder, PET film and RIP software.

  • DTF Printer – commonly a DTF printer is produced by converting a standard Epson inkjet printer. Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) printers are also available but these are extremely costly. A converted printer offers a much cheaper method of entering the DTF printing market.
  • DTF Ink – direct to film inks are specific for the printing method. They are opaque pigment based inks available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white. These inks are designed to print on to PET film media and offer excellent water and wash resistance.
  • PET Film Media – direct to film printers print on to a film media as the name suggests. PET film media is made from a form of plastic known as Polyethylene Terephthalate. The media has a matte coating applied gto one side to allow the inks to be printed onto the film sheet.
  • DTF Adhesion Powder – a polymer powder is applied to the printed PET film sheet. The ink remains wet following printing. The powder adheres to the wet ink and any areas of the PET film which has had ink applied. The powder is then melted / cured using a heat source such as a convection oven, heat press or heat gun. We recommend using a heat gun.
  • RIP Software – RIP software such as Acrorip is required to allow the printer to print in full colour with a white ink backing. RIP software is essential for DTF printing. We recommend Acrorip due to its simple user interface and setup.


Weight6 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 20 cm
Printer Model

Epson Ecotank L805, Epson Ecotank L1800



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