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Ink Experts ‘Refresh’ Paper Roller Cleaning Fluid

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Paper feed slipping / misfeeding?
No problem!

Ink Experts “Refresh” paper roller cleaning fluid is the perfect solution to help resolve slipping paper feeder and rollers.

By using a high concentrate of  Isopropyl Alcohol in its formulation our solution is clean and degrease paper feed rollers and dry within a few minutes leaving no residue behind.

Safe to use on all inkjet printer paper feed rollers (not suitable laser printers)

Our “Refresh” cleaning agent is supplied with a detailed instruction guide for ease of use.

Use in all Inkjet Printers

Refresh roller cleaning fluid can be used in all inkjet printers that use rubber paper feed rollers. The included foam swabs allow for easy application of the fluid on to hard to reach areas and allow the fluid to be applied.

What is the cause of paper slip / miss-feed?

It is common for inkjet printers to slip or miss-feed when printing on to coated inkjet medias. This is most common with matte inkjet papers as they use a china clay coating. This coating slowly wears off the paper over prolonged usage of a particular media and on to the paper feed rollers.

This transferred coating causes the paper feed rollers to slip when feeding the media through the printer. Refresh roller cleaner helps to safely remove this leaving the paper rollers clean and free of any foreign materials.

Refresh roller cleaner is designed to clean paper rollers and help to resolve paper slipping issues. It is by no means a cure or resolution for a mechanical issue with a printers paper feed.

Ink Experts offer no compensation and take no responsibility for any damage you could cause when using this product.

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100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 Litre


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