Sublimation ICC Profile Package

Sublimation ICC Profile Package for EPSON Ecotank L805 & Inktec Sublinova Smart Ink

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Offering incredible value for money Ink Experts Advanced and Professional ICC packages are used to get the very best from your sublimation printer.

Created with Ink Experts sublimation papers and Inktec Sublinova Smart inks, these profiles help get the image from your screen onto a sublimate with the highest colour accuracy possible.

What is an ICC Profile?

An ICC profile is a small digital file that helps to create a more accurate colour or monochrome image from your printer.

It is used in conjunction with a good image editing software such as Photoshop, Affinity Designer or GIMP to name a few.

Often people find the image on their computer screen looks different to the image they have printed.
An ICC profile can help rectify this issue by correcting the colours your printer applies to an image.

The end result is a printed image that more closely matches the digital image you are seeing on your computer screen*.

Why is this important?

For sublimation users getting a company logo the correct colour can mean the difference between landing a large job, or losing it.

Having an ICC profile will make this task much easier giving you an advantage over the competition, and landing you more work.

What do I get in the Advanced and Professional Packages?

When you purchase an Ink Experts ICC profile bundle you will receive access to a download file that includes;

The Advanced Package: 3 premade ICC profiles** created for your selected printer model using Inktec Sublinova Smart inks and each of our paper brands (Subli-Style, Subli-Fabric and Subli-Versa).
These profiles have been pressed to a bright white sublimate to ensure colour accuracy for the majority of sublimatable items.
Also included are guides for installing and using the profile on Photoshop, Affinity Designer and GIMP.

The Professional Package: 15 premade ICC profiles*** created for your selected printer model using Inktec Sublinova Smart inks, each of our paper brands and a wide array of sublimates.
These profiles have been pressed on a large selection of sublimation surfaces to ensure the highest colour accuracy possible for almost any sublimatable surface.
These include specific profiles for ceramics, polyester textiles, metals, woods and more.
Also included are guides for installing and using the profile on Photoshop, Affinity Designer and GIMP.

Can I use these on my PC/Mac?

Ink Experts ICC profiles are created on a Windows 10 platform and saved as .ICM files.
However, these files can be used across operating systems and are completely compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OSX.

All that is required for their use is an imaging software that allows you to change the default ICC to a custom file.

How is an ICC Profile Made?

ICC profiles are usually made of 3 key parts, but in the case of sublimation it becomes 4 key parts;

  • a printer (eg, an Epson Ecotank L805)
  • ink which the printer is using (eg, Inktec Sublinova Smart Inks)
  • the paper being printed onto (eg, Ink Experts Subli-Versa Paper)
  • and in the case of sublimation, the final sublimatable surface (eg, a mug, cushion cover, etc).

Large colour swatches are printed from the printer we wish to profile, using a specific ink and paper.
This colour swatch is then pressed onto a sublimation surface (eg, an aluminium sheet, ceramic tile, a t-shirt, etc).
The pressed surface is now scanned using a professional spectrophotometer, and an ICC profile is produced from the readings it gathers.

Our newly created profile will more accurately produce images from the printer in question when using these inks, and papers.

Is more than One Profile Necessary?

The answer to this question really depends on the user, and on the work they are producing.
To the average hobbyist, who is sublimating for fun, arguably one profile can see you through most jobs.
Your colours will never be as accurate as they could be, but this is more of a hobby than a professional enterprise.

However, should you be sublimating as a business colour accuracy is vitally important.
Customers want the very best quality available, and having specific profiles for all of your sublimates will help ensure the best finished product.

Do You Offer Completely Custom ICC Profiles?

Ink Express offer a completely custom service as well as these premade bundles.

A completely custom profile can be specifically created to your exact needs, creating a truly bespoke, and accurate ICC for you and your job.

Want an old Epson 1500W using Ink Experts Subli-Style ink, Subli-Fabric paper and white polycotton t-shirts profiled?
No problem.
Picked up an old machine that has unknown inks in and a large stock of unbranded paper?
We can profile that to get you more accurate results until you can pick up a more readily stocked brand.



*For the most accurate results Ink Experts recommend profiling your monitor to ensure it is displaying the correct colours.
Furthermore it is important to note that altering pressing times, temperatures and pressures can greatly alter the colour output.
Ink Experts recommend some experimentation when pressing a new sublimate in order to get the desired results.
Once the desired result is achieved do not deviate from this pressing method.

** Our Advanced ICC Package includes the following 3 profiles;

  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Fabric.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Style.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa.icm

**Our Professional ICC Package includes the following 15 profiles;

  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Style.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Style_Ceramic.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Style_Metal.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Style_MDF.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Style_PULeather.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Fabric.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Fabric_TShirt.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Fabric_CanvasLinen.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa_Ceramic.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa_Metal.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa_MDF.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa_PULeather.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa_TShirt.icm
  • InkExperts_EpsonL805_Sublinova_Versa_CanvasLinen.icm


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