Changing Inks On Epson Ecotank Printers

This is a frequently asked question from existing and potential customers. How are the inks changed on an Epson Ecotank printer?

Already have an existing Epson Ecotank printer that is using standard inks? Or wishing to change your existing sublimation inks to our sublimation inks?

Our how to guide below outlines how we quickly and easily drain / remove the existing ink and change to another.

1. Prepare the printer

Use masking tape or electrical tape to secure any opening panels on the printer.

Here we have taped the scanner lid, paper input and output trays and front cover closed to secure them in position.

Depending on the model of Epson Ecotank tank the ink tanks can differ.

Earlier models had a standard ‘hole’ opening that is sealed with a rubber bung.

More commonly the later models have a special refilling value. This valve features a one way system so it is not possible to insert a syringe needle and draw the ink out of the ink tank.

Below is an example of the more common ‘later’ valve style Ecotank printer which is using the standard Epson dye ink.

2. Open the Ecotank refill caps

Open the Ecotank tank caps.

We recommend removing the tank caps by unclipping them.

Place the tank caps to one side ready to be reattached.

3. Drain the existing ink

Draining the ink, this involves physically turning the printer upside-down.

This sounds much scarier than it is, it is a very quick process and typically takes 40-50 seconds to drain the current inks from the printers ink tanks.

Use a well sized plastic mixing bowl or plastic jug to catch the draining ink.

Quickly turn the printer over and allow the ink to drain into the plastic container.

It is recommended to have somebody to help assist with this, to help hold the printer steady and position the plastic container.

Take precautions when doing this. Use old newspapers or kitchen towel around your working area to ensure no surfaces or furniture are damaged.

4. Refill the Ecotanks

With the previous ink drained it is now time to refill the printer’s Ecotanks with your chosen new ink.

This can be achieved with syringes and needles or to make life really simple use the Easy Refill Bottles designed for quick and easy refilling of the later style Epson Ecotank printers.

Refilling completed the printer is now filled with new sublimation ink.

5. Purge the printer

With the Ecotanks filled with the new desired ink the final stage is purge the printer.

Essentially this uses the final remains of the previous ink and draws the new ink into the printing head.

Inside all Epson Ecotank printers are a ribbon of tubes – these feed the ink from the ink tanks to the printing head.

The tubes will still contain the previous ink, therefore it must be ‘used’ in doing so the new ink is drawn into the printing system.

Ink Experts recommend printing a full colour document (we use the image below) a number of times to purge the printing system.

Recommended prints for A4 sized printer-
50 copies
A4 size
Printer Quality Choice set to ‘High’
Printer Paper Choice set to ‘Epson Matte’

Recommended prints for A3 sized printer-
80 copies
A4 size
Printer Quality Choice set to ‘High’
Printer Paper Choice set to ‘Epson Matte’

Physically plain, cheap copier paper can be used for this purging stage.

So do not feel you must waste good quality media to do this.

Plain paper is fine.

Ensure the printer is set to the recommended settings above- this ensures the printer purges the printing system quickly and efficiently.

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