How To Change Mug Press Heating Element

Changing a mug press heating element is a very simple process and takes a few minutes to do.

The guide below outlines how to change the element on Ink Experts mug press machines but will likely be very similar for other brands and manufacturers

Disconnect power source

Before changing a heating element ensure the heat press is disconnected from the power source.

  • Turn off the machine using the power button
  • Remove the power lead from the machine

Disconnect element power source

Disconnect the power source lead for the current heating element.

  • Unscrew the collar by turning anti-clockwise
  • Pull the connector away from the unit to remove
  • The connector has 4 pins and a slot – the slot ensures the connector is fitting in the correct position

Remove heating element retaining screws

Remove the heating element from the clamping arm.

The element is secured in place with 4 screws.

These are usually capped with a black plastic covering for easy removal by hand without any tools required.

Occasionally they are Philips screws and require a Philips screw driver.

Remove element from heat press machine

With the retaining screws removed and the heating element power source disconnected the element can be removed.

A replacement element can be fitted or an alternative size element can be fitted.

Fitting is the reverse of the steps followed for removal


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