How To Download & Install ICC Profiles

ICC Profiles for Ink Experts inks and printer bundles can be accessed and downloaded from the ‘Downloads’ section in ‘Your Account’ a link is below –


ICC files are available to download within 24  hours of purchase and are available for 30 days following purchase.

Installing ICC profiles

Ensure that ICC files are downloaded to a desktop / laptop computer – ICC files DO NOT work with tablet or mobile devices.

After downloading the ICC profile file(s) the file is simply installed to the computer operating system.

Our simple to follow installation guides are here –

Installation for Windows operating system

Installation for Mac OSX operating system *

*Please note as of 11/11/2020 Ink experts no longer support ICC profiles for Mac OSX due to issues with the OSX – the video link is provided for informative use only.

ICC Profile setup for Adobe Photoshop

For setup videos please see here

ICC Profile setup for Serif Affinity

For setup videos please see here

ICC Profile setup for GIMP Design

For setup videos please see here

Which ICC Profile to use?

The majority of our products are supplied with multiple ICC files.

Understanding which file should be used is important.

ICC profiles are specifically made for:

  • Printer Model
  • Sublimation ink
  • Paper type
  • Substrate (the surface being printed on to)

Ink Experts ICC profiles are labelled to show the above specifics within the file name:

eg: InkExperts_EpsonET2750_Sublinova_Style_Ceramic

InkExperts – refers to a file supplied by Ink Experts ltd
Epson ET2750 – refers to a specific printer model
Sublinova – refers to the ink type; Inktec Sublinova sublimationink
Style – refers to the paper type; Ink Experts Style sublimation paper
Ceramic – refers to the specific substrate designed to be used; in this case ceramic mugs, ornaments, or tiles

ICC Profile FAQ's

See our full FAQ page please see here

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