Why do we have no telephone line?

We get asked this a lot, we appreciate it always nice to talk to customers but sadly the volume of enquiries we receive compared to the number of support staff is too great.

  • On average (when we had a telephone line) a single enquiry call would be 15 minutes.
    Meaning a staff member could only answer 32 calls in a working day.
    As we had a single telephone line; calls would be missed or customers would be put on hold for prolonged periods.
    Instead, we opt for contact via email (via our direct email sales@inkexperts.co.uk or the website contact page)
    Or social media messaging (Facebook or Instagram)
  • On average we receive 300 email enquiries a day.
    Replying to an email enquiry takes on average 3 minutes meaning more enquiries can be answered in the working day.
    Reply times are very short – typically less than 30 minutes during office working hours.
  • Contact via email or social media means we can be more productive, engaging and quicker with responding to your enquiry.
  • Support is also improved via email or social media messaging as videos and photos can be sent allowing staff to ‘see’ what the customer sees improving troubleshooting and thus improving our support.

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