What is an ICC Profile?

An ICC profile is  file used to help improve the colour tone and accuracy of sublimation prints.

Basically to help produce images that are a good representation of the image or design displayed the computer screen.

Why is an ICC Profile important?

For sublimation printing an ICC profile is an important part of the printing process.

It is considered standard practice to use an ICC Profile with a dye sublimation printer.

The reason for this is because most printers that are used for dye sublimation printing were not originally intended for that purpose. Therefore the sublimation inks they are using are not specifically colour matched to the printer.

An ICC Profile helps to match the ink to the printer to improve the results.

Supported Printer Models - Epson Ecotank Series

Ink Experts ltd currently support and provide ICC Profiles for the following Epson Ecotank Series models:

  • Ecotank L3110
  • Ecotank L3111
  • Ecotank L805
  • Ecotank L1800
  • Ecotank ET-14000
  • Ecotank ET-15000
  • Ectoank ET-2600 series – ET-2600 ET-2650
  • Ecotank ET-2700
  • Ecotank ET-2710 series – ET-2710 ET-2711 ET-2712 ET-2714 ET-2715
  • Ecotank ET2720 series – ET-2720 ET-2726
  • Ectoank ET-2750 series – ET-2750 ET-2751 ET-2756
  • Ecotank ET-3750
  • Ecotank ET-4500
  • Ecotank ET-7750

Supported Printer Models - Epson Workforce Series

Ink Experts ltd currently support and provide ICC Profiles for the following Epson Workforce Series models:

  • Workforce WF-2630WF
  • Workforce WF-7210*
  • Workforce WF-7710 series* – WF-7710* WF-7715* WF-7720*

* Model can be affected by firmware updates which cause issues with colour management and ICC Profiles

Supported Printer Models - Ricoh Aficio SG Series

Ink Experts ltd currently support and provide ICC Profiles for the following Ricoh Aficio SG models:

  • SG3110DN
  • SG7110DN

Supported Printer Models - Sawgrass Series

Ink Experts ltd currently support and provide ICC Profiles for the following Sawgrass models:

  • SG400
  • SG800

Supported Operating Systems

Ink Experts recommend the use of Windows based PCs/Laptops/Tablets.
It is also strongly recommended that all printers be used with the provided USB cable, even if the printer has a wireless function.

Support for the following devices will be discontinued as of 11/11/2020

All Apple devices; iMac, Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.
Android devices; Chromebook, all mobile telephones and tablets.
Linux based systems.

The decision to cut support for these devices comes down to colour correction.
Devices listed above do not offer, cannot currently use, or completely ignore custom ICC profiles.
ICC profiles are a necessity when trying to achieve accurate colours with sublimation printing, and without their use the finished result will not be as desired.
Support for purchases before this date will still be offered, but updates made to your system after 11/11/2020 will not be covered in our technical support.

This decision may change in the future if support for ICC profiles is made available in these devices, or in the case of Apple Macbooks and iMacs, when Apple correct their ongoing issues with colour correction.

Which ICC Profile to use?

The majority of our products are supplied with multiple ICC files.

Understanding which file should be used is important.

ICC profiles are specifically made for:

  • Printer Model
  • Sublimation ink
  • Paper type
  • Substrate (the surface being printed on to)

Ink Experts ICC profiles are labelled to show the above specifics within the file name:

eg: InkExperts_EpsonET2750_Sublinova_Style_Ceramic

InkExperts – refers to a file supplied by Ink Experts ltd
Epson ET2750 – refers to a specific printer model
Sublinova – refers to the ink type; Inktec Sublinova sublimationink
Style – refers to the paper type; Ink Experts Style sublimation paper
Ceramic – refers to the specific substrate designed to be used; in this case ceramic mugs, ornaments, or tiles

How is an ICC Profile made?

Three main factors are used to create or generate an ICC profile:
– Printer Model
– Sublimation Ink
– Sublimation Paper

These three factors are used to create a typical ICC profile for sublimation printing. Each combination of printer model, ink and paper would essentially require a specific ICC profile.

Ink Experts ltd supply specific ICC profiles for each printer model we directly supply and / or ‘support’.

How to use an ICC Profile?

An ICC Profile is utilised by the image printing software used to print sublimation designs.

A wide range of software can be used. Any software that has the ability to handle ‘colour management’ ca be used with an ICC Profile. Ink Experts ltd recommend and support for Adobe Photoshop, Serif Affinity Designer and GIMP Design. Setup videos are available for these software via the Ink Experts YouTube channel.

Other software can be used such as Coral Draw, Paintshop Pro and Subli-RIP to name a few.