6oz Durham Mug Heating Element for Ink Experts Single Mug Press & Tumbler Press

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Replacement or alternative mug press machine heating element. These elements are suitable for our ‘Ink Experts’ (black and pink) WER Series Single mug press and ‘Ink Experts’ Tumbler press machines.

Not compatible with other brands / models of mug press or tumbler press

This particular element is for 6oz Durham style sublimation mugs, commonly known as a children’s size mug.

Manufactured from high quality durable material. Internal heating element with a steel sheet exterior that is both malleable and robust.

Our mug / tumbler press elements have a 4 pin circular connector with a circular screw on top that secures the attachment into place. Simple to replace or change as when required.

When fitted to the Ink Experts Tumbler heat press machine this element is positioned centrally using the middle two screw attachment holes to ensure even pressure application.


  • Voltage: 110 / 220v
  • Suitable for Ink Experts WER Series Single Mug Press Machine
  • Suitable for Ink Experts Tumbler Press Machine
  • Element Size 6oz Durham Mug
  • Overall size: 115mm x 208mm (length x circumference edge to edge of element)



Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 15 cm


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