Epson 107 Ink Bottle Set for Ecotank Printers – Genuine Epson Original Ink

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An original Epson 107 ink bottle set for use in Epson 6 colour / channel Photographic Ecotank printers.

Contain 70ml per colour / bottle.

Please note: this ink is standard dye ink for regular media printing – not dye sublimation ink

These are the genuine article.
Manufactured by Epson themselves to give outstanding results in the following Ecotank Printers;

  • Ecotank ET-18100

These inks can also be used in printers that use the Epson T0801-T0806 and T0791-T0796 series ink cartridges if they are retro fit with continuous ink system or use refillable ink cartridges.

  • Stylus Photo 1400
  • Stylus Photo 1500W
  • Stylus Photo R265
  • Stylus Photo R285
  • Stylus Photo R360
  • Stylus Photo P50
  • Stylus Photo PX650
  • Stylus Photo PX660
  • Stylus Photo PX700
  • Stylus Photo PX710
  • Stylus Photo PX720
  • Stylus Photo PX730
  • Stylus Photo PX800
  • Stylus Photo PX810
  • Stylus Photo PX820
  • Stylus Photo PX830

New bottle design.

The newly designed bottle is built for ease of use.
The funnel of the bottle fits perfectly into the printers filling vent.
As a result ink spills become a thing of the past.

Simply press the bottle into place and the ink will flow into the printer without further assistance.

Can I use these inks in other Epson printers?


These inks can be used in any 6 colour Epson printer that makes use of refillable ink cartridges or a continuous ink system.

Why Buy Epson?

This comes down to personal preference.

Original Epson 107 ink inks have been manufactured specifically for your printer model by the original manufacturer..
Though 3rd party inks work perfectly well in these machines Epson genuine inks offer the added security of warranty validation.

Should your printer ever need to be returned while under warranty Epson will honour the agreement without argument.

Buying Epson bottled ink will also save you money when compared to cartridges.

Are there any other advantages?

Buying ink in raw format is environmentally friendly.

By purchasing an ink bottle you can save up to 10 cartridges from going into landfill.
As a result your carbon footprint can be reduced 10 fold.


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