Ink Experts 115gsm A3+ ‘Versa’ All-Purpose Dye Sublimation Paper

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Ink Experts Versa All-Purpose sublimation paper is a premium Quality A3+ Dye Sublimation Paper (483 x 329mm) is designed for use with dye sublimation inks. It allows users to heat transfer images on to sublimated items.

Ink Experts Versa Dye Sublimation paper has been manufactured as an all purpose paper for dye sublimation applications. Instead of using different papers for different sublimation applications, Versa allows you to use one paper for any sublimation job.

Ideal for use in Epson and Ricoh sublimation ink jet printers.

The finish of this paper allows sublimation ink to sit as close to the surface as possible.
In doing so nearly 80% of the ink printed onto the paper is released into the sublimate when heat pressed.

Why do fabrics require a different sublimation paper for the best results?

Sublimating onto fabrics requires a paper that releases a high concentrate of ink when heat pressed, whereas hard surfaces; such as ceramics and metals, require an even disperse of ink over a longer period of time.

Versa covers both applications with a high release of ink over a longer duration resulting in a high quality finish on any sublimation surface.

Which fabrics can be pressed with this paper?

Suitable for all synthetic blend materials.
As a result this paper will allow you to sublimate onto;

  • Polyester
  • Poly/cotton blends (we recommend a minimum 65 / 35 blend)
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Spandex
  • PU Leather
  • Poly Canvas/silk/linens

Versa paper has a hybrid coating making is suitable for use on both hard and soft surface substrates.

Versa’s unique coating gives you a high definition print image that looks just as crisp on your sublimation item as it does on the paper.

Technical Specifications;

  • 115gsm – medium weight, easily applied to garments and reduces the risk of curling whilst printing
  • High Release (HR) – the hybrid coating used on Versa paper gives excellent ink release making it suitable for both hard and soft surface substrates
  • Quick drying – not only does the hybrid coating offer high ink release it is also very quick drying (5-10 seconds) allowing the media to be used quickly without a curing time
  • Single Sided – with a watermarked backing so you can easily differentiate the printable surface

Please note these papers are for sublimation printing ONLY. These are not for use with regular ink jet inks.


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