Ink Experts 120gsm A4 ‘Style’ Dye Sublimation Paper

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This Premium Quality A4 Dye Sublimation Paper (210 x 297mm) is designed for use with dye sublimation inks.
It allows users to heat transfer images on to sublimated items.

Ink Experts Style Dye Sublimation paper has been manufactured specifically for dye sublimation applications.
Ideal for use in sublimation ink jet printers such as Epson and Ricoh.
Colours appear rich and vibrant, while the lines of the print don’t bleed, creating an unrivalled picture quality.

Style papers smooth finish permits ink to sit slightly under its surface allowing for an instant dry finish straight out of the printer.

This means the print can be instantly pressed without having to worry about wet ink ruining your sublimate when the paper is applied.

Designed specifically for use with harder substrates Ink Experts Style paper gives the highest quality finishes on ceramics, metals, plastics and coated glass.
The reason for this lies in how the ink sits under the papers surface.

The majority of hard substrates are not incredibly porous and have been coated with a sublimatable surface during the final stages of manufacturing. The thickness of this coating denotes how much gas the item can absorb, which is usually not a huge amount.

If too much ink is applied it can cause the print to look inconsistent in quality.

Style A4 dye sublimation paper allows sublimation ink to be released slowly and evenly across hard surfaces that tend to require longer pressing times.
The end result is an even finish with rich vibrant colours, and smooth lines and edges.

Technical Specifications;

  • 120gsm – allows for easy wrapping around mugs and curved surfaces
  • Single Sided – specifically coated for sublimation pressing on hard surfaces
  • FSC certified – responsibly sourced and eco friendly

Please note these papers are for sublimation printing ONLY. These are not for use with regular ink jet inks.


Pack Size

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4 reviews for Ink Experts 120gsm A4 ‘Style’ Dye Sublimation Paper

  1. iainangusbusiness (verified owner)

    Works great on sublimation magnets and jigsaws

  2. theworldsbestemail (verified owner)

    The is the best paper you can get! I use it for everything it never let’s me down. In combination with Ink Experts ink, every print is perfect!

  3. Sarah

    Excellent paper, I have used it in my EPSON L805 and sublimated onto mugs for a professional finish. Will buy again in the future.

  4. Katy Reeve

    Very happy with this paper, it’s the best I’ve found so far

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