Ink Experts ‘Style’ SAWGRASS Sublimation Ink Set 4 Colour

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Our ‘Style’ Sawgrass sublimation ink has been designed for use in Ricoh and Sawgrass printers using our refillable cartridge conversion.


As of 11/11/2020 Ink Experts no longer support Mac OS, or mobile devices used with our sublimation printers.
Windows operating systems will be the only devices we can offer technical support for.

For full details on compatibility please scroll to the bottom of this page…

One of the highest concerns for sublimation customers is the quality of their monochrome prints.
Working closely with our ink manufacturers Ink Experts have produced a black that doesn’t leave unsightly brown or orange marks after pressing.

Most people don’t realise that making a “true” black sublimation ink is impossible.

To create black ink the majority of manufacturers mix raw materials from all 3 colours together.
This often results in a black ink that looks slightly brown in the bottle.
Additionally this can lead to a brown or orange shade after pressing.

Ink Experts black ink has been formulated to, firstly, over come this problem, and secondly not cost the world by doing so.
We use the darkest shade of cyan raw materials as possible.
In doing so the black ink loses its brown shade and looks slightly “navy” instead.
The outcome is a black ink that is incredibly dense in colour with no risk of orange/brown casting.

Monochrome prints are excellently reproduced with crisp details and solid blacks.

In addition to this our colour inks exceed all expectations.
We make use of premium raw materials in order to get the very best from our sublimation inks.
The finished result is a rich, vibrant colour print that is also incredibly durable.

Our ‘Style’ ink is suitable for use in the following printers
Ricoh SG2100N
Ricoh SG3110DN
Sawgrass SG400
Sawgrass SG800

All of our ‘Style’ Sawgrass sublimation ink inks are ROHS Compliant, VOC and Formaldehyde free.

These inks have passed EN71-3 testing and are proven EN71-3 safety compliant.

to view further information and certificate please see the following link –

A 4 colour set includes;

  • Black ‘Style’ Sawgrass ink x 1
  • Cyan ‘Style’ Sawgrass ink x 1
  • Magenta ‘Style’ Sawgrass ink x 1
  • Yellow ‘Style’ Sawgrass ink x 1


Ink Experts recommend the use of Windows based PCs/Laptops/Tablets.
It is also strongly recommended that all printers be used with the provided USB cable, even if the printer has a wireless function.

Support for the following devices will be discontinued as of 11/11/2020

  • All Apple devices; iMac, Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Android devices; Chromebook, all mobile telephones and tablets.
  • Linux based systems.

The decision to cut support for these devices comes down to colour correction.
Devices listed above do not offer, cannot currently use, or completely ignore custom ICC profiles.
ICC profiles are a necessity when trying to achieve accurate colours with sublimation printing, and without their use the finished result will not be as desired.
Support for purchases before this date will still be offered, but updates made to your system after 11/11/2020 will not be covered in our technical support.

This decision may change in the future if support for ICC profiles is made available in these devices, or in the case of Apple Macbooks and iMacs, when Apple correct their ongoing issues with colour correction.

*All ICC profiles provided by Ink Experts are protected by UK Intellectual Property Law and should not be shared or sold on. Ink Experts are the sole owners of these files. No title to the intellectual property in the Software is transferred to you under the terms of this Agreement. You do not acquire any rights to the Software except for use on one personal computer owned by the purchaser of this profile.


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