WIC Service Reset Key for waste ink pad service reset on Epson printers

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A WIC Service Reset Key is for use with the WIC Service Reset Utility program.
They are used to reset the waste ink counter in your printer when it flags a “service error”.

When do I need to reset my printer?

All Epson printers contain a small internal tank that is filled with felt pads.
They are designed to collect any “waste ink” the printer produces.

When these pads get full your printer will throw up a “Service Error” message and shut down.

Luckily this error is easily overcome with one of our waste tanks and a service reset utility, so don’t go throwing that printer out just yet.

When will I receive my reset key(s)?

We aim to send a key within 1 hour of purchase made within business trading hours – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT. Purchases made outside of these hours (weekends, evenings and national holidays) will be sent as quickly as possible. We send keys via email so please do check your inbox following a purchase. We do not post for ship a physical item, the key is sent digitally and the accompanying software can be downloaded for free so a physical delivery is not required.

How do I reset my printer?

The first thing we recommend is to fit one of our waste ink tanks to the printer in question.

The next step is to reset the printer with a service utility known as WIC.
You can download the software from our website for free here, or alternatively from 2manuals.

Finally, a WIC service reset key will need to be purchased to reset the printer in question.
These are single use, meaning any time you reset a printer a reset key purchase is required.

Once you have all of these items you are ready to reset your printer.

Can I do this myself?

Anyone can fit a waste ink tank to their printer and reset it.
They just need the inclination to do so, and a little common sense never hurt either.
Our guides are custom made for every printer we offer a waste ink kit for.
They are easily followed and the average user should have their printer up and running again within an hour.


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