Ink Experts 100gsm A3 ‘Platinum’ Premium High Release Dye Sublimation Paper

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Ink Experts ‘Platinum’ Premium dye sublimation paper simply put; it’s our best paper ever!

Ideal for use in Epson and Ricoh sublimation ink jet printers.

The microporous coating of this paper allows sublimation ink to sit as close to the surface as possible.
In doing so nearly 90% of the ink printed onto the paper is released into the sublimate when heat pressed.

Platinum premium sublimation paper can be used on all substrates and surfaces including ceramic, metal, MDF, glass, polyester fabrics making it extremely versatile and an ‘all-round’ paper suitable for all sublimation printing jobs.

Why do fabrics require a different sublimation paper for the best results?

Fabrics are incredibly porous.
Therefore to change the colour of fabrics it requires a lot of ink to be pressed into them.
A High Release (HR) paper like Platinum ensures 90%+ of ink is transferred into the fabric.
This results in a vibrant colour and an unrivalled quality finish.

Which fabrics can be pressed with this paper?

Suitable for all synthetic blend materials.
As a result this paper will allow you to sublimate onto;

  • Polyester
  • Poly/cotton blends (we recommend a minimum 65 / 35 blend)
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Spandex
  • PU Leather
  • Poly Canvas/silk/linens

What else can this Platinum sublimation paper be used for?

Due to its instant dry microporous coating Platinum paper can be used for both hard and soft substrates so its suitable for all sublimation surfaces including;

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Wood (MDF)
  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Polyester T-shirts
  • Polyester Canvas/silk/linens

With a low moisture content Platinum paper is extremely stable with minimal curling and good lay-flat properties. It also does not suffer from pin wheel or pizza wheel roller marks unlike many other high release (HR) sublimation papers.

Excellent ink load allows for bright, vibrant transfers with rich deep blacks and fantastic colour with superior gamut reproduction.

Technical Specifications;

  • 100gsm – easily applied to garments and reduces the risk of creasing
  • High Release (HR) – allows more ink to be transferred (prints should be allowed to dry for 5 -10 mins before pressing)
  • Single Sided – microporous coating applied to the printable side
  • FSC Certified – responsibly sourced and eco friendly


Please note these papers are for sublimation printing ONLY. These are not for use with regular ink jet inks.


Weight00 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 0.50 cm
Pack Size

50 Sheets, 100 Sheets, 200 Sheets, 300 Sheets, 500 Sheets, 1000 Sheets



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