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SAWGRASS Sublimation Refillable Ink Cartridge Conversion Pack

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Our starter pack for Sawgrass sublimation printers are designed to save you money without sacrificing quality.

Most don’t realise that Sawgrass printers are in fact “re-badged” Ricoh printers.
The SG400 is actually a Ricoh SG3110, and the SG800 is just the Ricoh SG7100.

A conversion pack contains;

  • a set of GC41 refillable ink cartridges
  • 100ml of each Subli-Style Ricoh ink
  • 4 syringes and needles
  • an ICC profile
  • a detailed instruction guide

Why should I convert to an Ink Experts kit?

The main complaint we hear from customers using Sawgrass sublimation ink is about cost.
An Ink Experts kit can save you over £700 a year when compared to Sawgrass inks.

That is a huge amount to any sublimation user looking to bring down their production costs.

Does it work with Sawgrass Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM)?

Yes and No. It is important to note that the latest version of VPM has an update that is designed to stop the use of alternative or 3rd party inks or ink cartridges. When alternative ink cartridges are installed and used when printing from VPM the software prints a hatch or cross across the full page rendering it unusable.

Whilst older version of VPM can still be used it is difficult to back date once an update has occurred.

Overcoming this problem is simple, use an alternative image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP Design or Serif Affinity Designer to name but a few. These software work without issue with any Sawgrass printer using none genuine ink cartridges. Additionally our ICC profile can be used with all of these software for greater colour control.

What ink does it come with?

Our Subli-Style Ricoh sublimation ink.

It has been designed for use in Ricoh and Sawgrass printers.

Our Subli-Style ink is suitable for use in the following machines;
Ricoh SG2100N
Ricoh SG3110DN
Ricoh SG7100DN
Sawgrass SG400
Sawgrass SG800

What about the quality?

One of the highest concerns for sublimation customers is the quality of their prints.
We spared no expense in getting the best materials.

Working closely with our ink manufacturers Ink Experts have produced a black that doesn’t leave unsightly brown or orange marks after pressing.

Most people don’t realise that making a “true” black sublimation ink is impossible.

To create black ink the majority of manufacturers mix raw materials from all 3 colours together.
This often results in a black ink that looks slightly brown in the bottle.
Additionally this can lead to a brown or orange shade after pressing.

Ink Experts black ink has been formulated to, firstly, over come this problem, and secondly not cost the world by doing so.
We use the darkest shade of cyan raw materials as possible.
In doing so the black ink loses its brown shade and looks slightly “navy” instead.
The outcome is a black ink that is incredibly dense in colour with no risk of orange/brown casting.

Monochrome prints are excellently reproduced with crisp details and what looks to the human eye like solid blacks.

What about the colour inks?

In addition to our superb black ink our colour inks exceed all expectations.

We again make use of premium raw materials in order to get the very best from our cyan, magenta and yellow sublimation inks, resulting in a finish that is rich, vibrant colour print.

It is also incredibly durable.


All of our Ricoh Subli-Style inks are ROHS Compliant, VOC and Formaldehyde free.
These inks are also accredited with the prestigious Eco Passport by the Oeko-Tex® Association.

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