Ink Experts 115gsm Mug Size (100 x 240mm) ‘Versa’ All-Purpose Dye Sublimation Paper

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This Premium Quality Pre-Cut Mug Size Sublimation Paper (100 x 240mm) is designed for use with dye sublimation inks.

Pre-cut mug size (100 x 240mm) perfect for sublimation mug transfer printing.

A 240mm length allows transfers to wrap around a 10oz or 11oz mug completely reaching the handle.
100mm height allows for full coverage prints top to bottom of a standard 10oz or 11oz mug.

This size media is best used for sublimating mugs in a convection oven or 3D vacuum heat press. Utilising silicone mug wraps to aid in printing the top and bottom of the mugs – this is difficult to achieve with a conventional mug heat press machine due to the taper / radius edge at the top and bottom of the mug.

If you are using a conventional mug heat press our 99 x 210mm mug sized sublimation sheets are a better option to choose.

Ink Experts Versa Mug Size Sublimation paper has been manufactured specifically for dye sublimation applications and offers excellent ink release as well as lay-flat / anti curl properties.
Ideal for use in sublimation ink jet printers such as Epson and Ricoh.
Colours appear rich and vibrant, while the lines of the print don’t bleed, creating an unrivalled picture quality.

Versa papers smooth finish permits ink to sit slightly under its surface allowing for an quick dry finish (dry within 5 seconds) straight out of the printer.

This means the print can be instantly pressed without having to worry about wet ink ruining your sublimate when the paper is applied.

Designed specifically for use with harder substrates Ink Experts Versa paper gives the highest quality finishes on ceramics, metals, plastics and coated glass.
The reason for this lies in how the ink sits under the papers surface.

The majority of hard substrates are not incredibly porous and have been coated with a sublimatable surface during the final stages of manufacturing. The thickness of this coating denotes how much gas the item can absorb, which is usually not a huge amount.

If too much ink is applied it can cause the print to look inconsistent in quality.

Versa Mug Size dye sublimation paper allows sublimation ink to be released slowly and evenly across hard surfaces that tend to require longer pressing times.
The end result is an even finish with rich vibrant colours, and smooth lines and edges.

Technical Specifications;

  • 115gsm – medium weight, easily applied to garments and reduces the risk of curling whilst printing
  • High Release (HR) – the hybrid coating used on Versa paper gives excellent ink release making it suitable for both hard and soft surface substrates
  • Quick drying – not only does the hybrid coating offer high ink release it is also very quick drying (5-10 seconds) allowing the media to be used quickly without a curing time
  • Single Sided – with a watermarked backing so you can easily differentiate the printable surface

Please note these papers are for sublimation printing ONLY. These are not for use with regular ink jet inks.


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